Treasure Hunt Rome

A unique teambuilding activity!

A corporate team event, a quest full of knowledge and history, a scavenger hunt, an exciting way to discover Rome.

A fun team building activity in Rome, please?!

Are you are looking for something else than the usual bus or walking tour? Our activity is an interactive way of how to get to know this beautiful city. Our quest combines fascinating historical facts, bizarre legends and stories in one game and takes participants through beautiful streets and places where they have to solve series of problems using their good teamwork, creativity, orientations skills, attention to details and time management.

Treasure Hunt Rome is an exciting way how to discover Rome. It is an intellectual and physical activity, an interesting game full of knowledge which will show you Rome from a different angle and keep your group entertained.

What do we offer?

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We offer you a fun team building activity that takes place in the streets of one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Rome has a special magic, timeless history and the most beautiful architecture.

The Activity - Treasure Hunt in Rome

Of course we are always very flexible and happy to accommodate special requirements of our clients, but usually, our team building activity starts at pre-arranged place. This may be the sqaure Piazza della Rotonda (by the Pantheon), a pub or a restaurant in the historical center, your company address, hotel, etc. After an introduction, your group will be divided into teams (either by yourselves or by our instructor) followed by an explanation of the rules and all necessary information. The teams will be provided by an information pack in order to complete tasks. Individual tasks are designed for teams to use their orientation skills, creativity, and competitiveness.

The teams will walk through the historic streets of Rome, among the most famous monuments as well as beautiful hidden places to solve series of problems and challenges, answer carefully prepared questions, take photos and perform various tasks during the event in the quickest time possible while competing with other teams. After completion of the treasure hunt, you will re-assemble and hand in all files to our professional guide for marking followed by a wrap-up and awarding of the winners.

Itinerary of your team building activity

Your outdoor team event consists of three parts.

20 min

1. Meeting the group

Your team building activity will start in the agreed place (Piazza della Rotonda by the Pantheon, hotel, restaurant, etc ) with an introduction, instructions giving, dividing into teams and handing out the kits (special maps and papers).

90 - 120 min

2. Treasure hunt in the historical center

The treasure hunt is on. The teams compete in the streets of the historical center, answer carefully prepared questions and fulfil various tasks with a lot of fun throughout the activity.

about 30 min

3. Award ceremony

Your unforgettable team building activity will finish with the wrap-up at the agreed restaurant in the historical center by our guides and with the announcement of the best teams with prize giving.

Treasure Hunt Area

For your team building activity in Rome!

1) Pantheon, Fontana di Trevi, Piaza Navonna, Spanish Steps

2-3 hours

min 9

On our treasure hunt in Rome, we will take you to the Pantheon, Rome's best-preserved ancient building, and to the Capitol Hill, walk up Michelangelo's Cordonata Staircase to learn about the Capitoline Wolf and the legend of Rome's foundation. You will have the opportunity to admire Rome's most beautiful fountains, Fontana Di Trevi, and the fountain of the Four Rivers on Piazza Navona. One of our tricky tasks awaits you also on the monumental three-leg staircase - Spanish Steps. But there is much more for you to be discovered on our scavenger hunt in Rome.

Why Treasure Hunt Rome?

More than any other activity, this event focuses on many of fundamentals of company dynamics: teamwork, shared responsibilities, time management, communication, decision making, good leadership, creativity, delegation skills, motivation techniques and strategy planning. It is an excellent way for the foreigners to familiarize with the city as well as a great opportunity for locals to learn and discover more about Rome.

Rome is our speciality, and we can show you the city as you have never seen it before. Our professional team prepares the activity in detail while taking into account various aspects so that we can always guarantee a professional service!


Our team of 60 people thoroughly enjoyed the treasure hunt team building activity through Old Town Rome. We had a great day!

Nancy Boord

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Organized this team building activity in Rome with a group of ~30. Everyone enjoyed it and preparations/booking was super easy. Maybe one or two riddles could be a little harder, but everyone had a great time! Thanks again to the team! :)

Oliver Kirsch


Treasure Hunt in Rome was well organized although we booked it only one day before - thanks to quick replay and easy-going organisation! :)

Sandra Zeitlhofer

VTU Engineering


Who can Play?

Treasure Hunt Rome is suitable for anyone who likes fun, competition, legends, history, and especially for those who want to know the city from a different angle. It is a physically undemanding activity that advantage neither males nor females (although it is general knowledge that men are better at hiding and women at searching and is suitable for all ages.

Where do we play?

The activity/game takes place in the historical and vibrant areas of Rome (Pantheon, Fontana di Trevi, Piaza Navonna, Spanish Steps, the Capitol Hill, ...), where the teams clash with the most famous monuments, the most interesting legends and breathtaking history. We will introduce you the facts that will keep you wonder and details that you will remember forever. You will get to see the most famous monuments but also places you would not normally get to!

Who do the teams compete with?

The teams compete with each other. This means that your company/department/group will be divided into teams of which, believe it or not, no one will want to end up the last. Enjoy your colleagues worked up by this game.

Is there any particular need for the activity?

In each team, there should be at least one camera (phone is sufficient). Your group should come dressed for the weather and ready to experience good fun and a lot of laughs.

What does the activity look like?

Of course, we are always very flexible and happy to accommodate special requirements of our clients, but usually, the game starts at pre-arranged place. This may be the square Piazza della Rotonda by the Pantheon, a pub or a restaurant in the historical center, your company address, hotel, etc. After a short introduction, your group will be divided into teams (either by yourselves or by our coordinator) and an explanation of the rules and all necessary information and delivery of special envelope with the questions, assignments and decoder will follow. Individual tasks are designed for teams to use their cartography and orientation skills, creativity, competitiveness, attention to details and teamwork.

What is the minimum number of participants?

To make sure the game is fun entertaining and challenging we require a minimum of 9 participants for our Treasure Hunt Rome team building activity.

How long does the treasure hunt last?

1) Gather in the agreed location
2) Introductions/Ice breakers/Rules: about 20 minutes
3) The game: 90-120 minutes
4) Team building activity wrap-up, discussion: about 30 minutes
5) Lunch/Dinner/Drinks at a local restaurant or pub (optional)

How do we book?

Write us an email to or use our inquiry form.


Write us an email to or use the inquiry form below.


Since 2013 we have grown and we organize our treasure hunt team building activity in several locations in Europe. Our tip is Prague, the city of hundred spires and the mother of towns with the best beer in Europe! Another tip is Budapest, the city not only with beautiful architecture and good coffee! Vienna is like an old soul, but one that inspires the old and new avant-garde with the ease of waltz. Berlin, being a metropolis beyond all standards, be it architecture, unconventional businesses, galleries, or ubiquitous eccentric fashion. Or come to Paris that everyone loves and those who have not yet visited Paris, regret and dream.

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